• Replacement lenses made specifically for use with Maker Nexus reusable face shields
  • Laser cut from 0.02" (20 mil) PETG
  • Zip ties are included
  • Please note these are lenses ONLY and NOT full face shield kits

Replacement Lenses - Lots of 10

  • Have your existing clear lenses run their course?


    Maker Nexus face shield parts are made to last a long time. However, repeated use and cleaning of the lens can eventually lead to clouding and diminished clarity. Please know that despite this, the structural integrity of the lens should remain intact long after clouding begins.


    These replacement lenses are laser cut to the exact specifications required for use with Maker Nexus reusable face shields. They are made of 0.02" (20 mil) PETG material.


    Zip ties will be included with your order.


    Disassembly of Face Shield & Reassembly with New Lens


    1. Snip zip tie holding 'leaves' of lens together on top of face shield.
    2. Gently pull used lens off pins of headband.
    3. Gently remove curved stabilizer from bottom of lens.


    To reassemble your face shield with the new lens:


    1. Remove protective film (typically blue or light gray) from both sides of lens.
    2. Snap lens onto four pins of headband.
    3. Attach curved stabilizer to bottom of lens.
    4. Thread zip tie (included) through holes of two outermost 'leaves' of lens from the back.
    5. Alternating sides, thread zip tie through other ‘leaves’, ending with middle leaf on top.
    6. Loop zip tie around and thread through notch on its other end to secure 'leaves' together.
    7. If the buttonhole elastic was removed during disassembly, re-attach it to pegs on each side of headband.



    A short one-minute video showing proper disassembly of face shields can be found here.


    Assembly instructions with pictures as well as a link to a short two-minute video will be included with your order. You can also find a downloadable PDF of these instructions with pictures here and the video here.


    Cleaning & Longevity

    Our lenses are reusable and should last through many cleanings.


    We recommend cleaning with 70% isopropyl alcohol or sanitizing wipes. We encourage you to test out your cleaning solution on a corner of the lens first. We have also seen good results with hydrogen peroxide wipes or a light bleach solution. We recommend avoiding alcohol at higher concentrations (above 70%), which may cause premature clouding of the lens.


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